PalomArt Festival

@ Borgo Universo 2019 – Aielli (AQ)

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 August 2019


“Borgo Universo” is conceived as a festival of street-art, music, performance and astronomy that uses the language of art to explore and promote the views, the panoramas and the history of the medieval village Aielli (Aq).

The streets and the suggestive views of the small town were enriched by 10 street-art interventions and numerous art-installations which transformed the village into a real open-air museum.

People and cultures from all around the world represented the corner-stone of the festival; Here they merged in a variety of sounds coming from all continents and filled a dense programmation of 12 hours/day with concerts, live/dj sets, audiovisual installations, theatre, dance, poetry readings and performances carried out on 2 stages and all around the narrow streets of the picturesque village, allowing us to experience a festival dedicated to art, to shared experiences and to amusement.