PalomArt was born in 2006 as a project aiming to provide a physical and temporal space for  free artistic expression. Over the years it turned out to be a genuine network of international independent art-scenes: a platform for interaction, a movement of expression, the driving force of events and itinerant expositions; These are the multiple aspects of a project reuniting heterogenous souls, differently engaged in pathways of social and cultural change in their own realities.

From festival to Art Platform

2006 - PalomArt is born

The experience of PalomArt was born on July 2006, at Lago Patria, in the province of Naples, from an intuition of Antonio Paloma. The Objective was to create a space/time of free artistic expression braking out of the conventional dynamics of modern society.

2009 - The Independent Festival

The event becomes a fixed appointment and with the passing of years it turns into a real independent festival for art, music, theater and entertainment. In a completely spontaneous fashion it unifies different energies catalyzing them into the synergistic expression of art and ecology. Creativity turns ot to be a vector for change, enabling us to move away from conventional dynamics and to research and imagine an alternative to the present urban and capitalistic lifestyle.

2012 - Ecology

In 2012 the PalomArt periodical appointment takes on the shape of an EcoFestival with the objective of raising its guests’ awareness through actions of responsible consumption and rejection: the push to separate trash recollection, the introduction of recyclable dishes and cutlery, the abolition of plastic cups and the distribution of ecoglasses and the organization of creative-recycling workshops.

Three days and three nights dedicated to art, music, spectacle, ecology and sharing, involving more than 150 artists from all around the world and about 1000 spectators.

Artworks were created using recycled materials and exposed publicly raising the awareness of the public towards the ecological crisis, with the hope for a different and more sustainable future.

2013 - The Festival at Ibiza

In 2013 the EcoFestival was transferred to Ibiza at Punta Arabí, Es Canar. This edition was completely renewed in relation to the former events: numerous installations and photographs literally invaded the village, along with itinerary recycling and performance workshops. The synergy, the work and the time we shared gave life to the artworks we exposed in Naples in December of the same year in an exposition hosted by Trip and labeled PalomArt.

2014 - The aristic recidency

In November 2014 we established an Artistic Residency on the extreme north of the island, a private space surrounded by 10 hectares of woods and close to the fantastic cove of “Port de ses Caletes”, dedicated to the production and exposition of artworks.

2015 - Expo "Mundo latino"

In 2015 the residency gets into full swing triggering the constant movement of artists and an intense production of artworks, becoming a space fostering encounters, interaction and constant mutual contamination. Two cuban artists were hosted, Jormay Gonzalez Monduy and Dennys Santos Diaz, who became the protagonists of the conspicuous artistic production which later generated an itinerant art exhibition departing in Ibiza, passing through Barcelona and ending in Naples in the splendid setting of Palazzo San Teodoro, being acclaimed in each venue.

2016 - 10th Anniversary


After 10 years from the first edition, the festival moves back to Lago Patria for the celebration of its 10th anniversary and confirms it self an overflowing catalyst for art and connections. Over 50 artists from all over the world took part in a 3days/3nights event entirely dedicated to experimentation.

2016 - Expo "The Change" al PAN


44 artists from Cuba, Mexico, Russia, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland, described the changes in their social and cultural context trough artworks and live performances. 150 artworks were showcased, filling 10 rooms on the first floor of Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, covering an exposition area of 1.000 sqm.

2017 - PalomArt L.A.B.

Thanks to the synergistic collaboration with Bellini Theater, in 2017 we created PalomArt L.A.B. – Live, Art, Break, a project focused on contemporary art. The project unfolded throughout a dense schedule of expositions, performances and musical events, turning the area below the stage of the Bellini theater into a permanent workshop for contemporary art.

2018 - Festival at Teatro Bellini

The end of the 2018 theatrical season of Bellini Theater was celebrated with the PalomArt Festival taking place inside the magnificent building of 1800 on the 26th of March. The foyer, the area below the stages and the stages were invaded by artworks, installations and performances. The audience area was exceptionally freed from the seats and was turned into a dancefloor, the stage hosted numerous artists from all around the world until late night. Among these, the names of the internationally renowned artists like Filistine&Nova and BeGun stand out. The event was very successful, counting over 1.200 visitors and offering a dynamic and innovative artistic programme.

2018 - Winter Fest, Palazzo Fondi

12 hours not-stop dedicated to artistic experimentation – with expositions, installations, performances, visual art, itinerant live music, and dj sets – hosted in the fascinating setting of Palazzo Fondi. The living legend of the NY Boiler Room Nickodemus, prominently stands out in the line-up.  The exposition and the presentation of the book “Ecosofia”  by José Carlos Ballantuomo were part of the event as well. The pictures on show have been taken during 10 years of research-work, a path that, in its completeness, leads to a totalizing and revealing worldview, while looking at the humble microcosm of everyday life.


2019 - Borgo Universo, Aielli (AQ)

Borgo Universo was born in 2017 as a cultural showcast In 2019, under the artistic direction of PalomArt, in 2019, it turned into a real festival of street-art, music, performance and astronomy, counting about 8.000 visitors in 4 days,  who witnessed the making of  10 street-art interventions, 10 installations, 3 theater shows, 6 performances, 7 Live Music/sets and 9 Dj sets.

Along the narrow streets of the medieval village the artists realized 10 site-specific Graffiti along with numerous other artistic installations, turning the village Aielli into an increadible open-air museum.

People and cultures from all around the world represented the corner-stone of the festival; Here they merged in a variety of sounds coming from all continents and filled a dense programmation of 12 hours/day with concerts, live/dj sets, audiovisual installations, theatre, dance, poetry readings and performances carried out on 2 stages and all around the narrow streets of the picturesque village, allowing us to experience a festival dedicated to art, to shared experiences and to amusement.
Among the artists involved, the name of Okuda San Miguel stands out. The Graffiti artist is internationally appreciated for his large pop-surrealist artworks.