Mundo Latino

Exhibition at Palazzo San Teodoro

Naples – 2015

Jormay Gonzalez Monduy and Dennys Santos Diaz arrived to Europe from distant land of Cuba to become the protagonists of a copious artworks production and gave life to the traveling exhibition Mundo Latino. The exhibition traveled in three stages: it started in  Ibiza, passed through Barcelona, and finally landed in Naples, Via Riviera di Chiaia hosted by the splendid setting of Palazzo San Teodoro, where it enjoying enormous success. Together with them several artists of the PalomArt collective were on display: Giovanni Anastasia, Jose Carlos Bellantuono (Brazil), Francisco Lance, Francesco Navach, Manuela Montella and Pierpaolo Salvi as well as Adrian Diaz Tabarez and Alejandro Peña, the two winners of the competition organized by PalomArt aimed at the young students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Cuba aged between 16 and 19.