The Change

PAN – Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli

24 november– 10 december 2016


44 artists from Cuba, Mexico, Russia, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland, described the changes in their social and cultural context trough artworks and live performances. 150 artworks were showcased, filling 10 rooms on the first floor of Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, covering an exposition area of 1.000 sqm.

“Life is synonym of constant change. Culture, understood worldview, can not be reproduced equal to itself. The process of growth is generated by constant social and cultural change in which every human being should play a protagonistic role. To grow is to change, to become builders of change through the awareness of the creative power possessed by every human being, unfolding it in individual and collective self-determination. In a historical moment in which the push towards homologation tends to repress diversity for the sake of pervasive and generalizing  tactics like the free market and the speculations which reduce art, if not life in itself, to a mere consumer product, the artist becomes a author of change through his visions and his artworks. Art becomes a tool for change, model of authenticity, an energy stimulating society, triggering processes of self-reflection and growth, creating the basis for a better future.”

The event saw more than 6.000 participants. The majority of the exposed artworks were created in Naples during the artistic residency which was set-up especially for the exposition.