De la ciudad a la jungla

Bellini Theatre– below the stage – Naples

22 november 2017

PalomArt presented the first italian solo show of Jormay Gonzales Monduy, Cuban artist, drawing and painting professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba. During the event we presented the project “La Jungla“, which foresees the opening of a cultural center in the Cuban capital by 2018. Jormay Gonzales Monduy‘s works have been exhibited in the theatre until 13 December 2017.

The event also featured Batà Lab, with a musical performance that started from the Bantù, Abakua and Yoruba roots of popular music and unfolded in the multiple branches of Rumba, Comparsa.

Batà Lab is a permanent research and study laboratory in the context of Afro-Cuban culture, aimed at sharing music, as a source of energy and balance.