The labyrinth of dreams

Bellini Theater- Below the stage

16 february 2018

An exposition by Francesco Navach and Lence, dedicated to one of the most important inspiration sources for the artworld: the dream. Through the visions and the sensations provided by the dream the artist escapes the mids’ traps and deepens the connection to his creativity.

Lence was born in 1975 in Monopoli (Ba) where he still lives and works. He is an autodidact artist, who dedicated himself to oil painting aerography and drawing, techniques of which he gained great mastery. Through his artworks, the artist describes an oniric world in which emotions and visions take on different shapes through the symbolic language of art, uniting dream and reality.

Francesco Navach, a.k.a. Navak, is a music therapist, producer, and visual artist also performing with hismusic band Midihands. Since years he organizes percussion workshops for children and people with disabilities. He uses electric circuits and other recycled materials for his interactive artworks. One of his installations, In aqua veritas, has been exposed at PAN, Palazzo della Arti di Napoli, for the exhibition “The Change” in 2016.