Giovanni Anastasia

Giovanni Anastasia

Giovanni Anastasia is a Neapolitan artist born in 1987. Thanks to his father’s artistic influence, he was able to develop his passion for design and painting. He graduated at the artistic high-school of the Art Academy of Naples, he later studied illustration at the Italian Comix school in Naples.

He collaborated with numerous visual artists, performers, video-makers  and musicians.

He was part of the PalomArt network from the beginning on, he took part in numerous projects and group exhibitions as for example “Mundo Latino” (2015) and “The Change” (PAN, Palazzo delle arti Napoli – 2016). In 2018 he accomplished his first solo exhibition, “Fauna”, hosted by Bellini Theatre and showcasing sculptural and pictorial works inspired by the worlds of animals and fairy- tales.  

In 2019 he participated in the festival Borgo Universo, where he created numerous installations for his work “Gemini”, and a mural painting inspired by Aielli and the rural history of this town.

Gemini – The mural – Borgo Universo 2019

In an astrological vision of the universe the Gemini constellation stands as a symbol of the double, of the number 2 and of duality in itself. Two is also the number of the town(s) of Aielli, which were torn apart by the earthquake in 1915. This event forced part of the population to move in a safe space downstream: the womanly figure upside-down represents the old town, while the upright manly figure represents the new town of Aielli. 

The two bodies carry the tools the inhabitants have been using since ages to work in the fields. The big hands and the floral motives surrounding the two figures represent the ancient history of this rural community.